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your website must be
responsive and secure

look the same on all devices
desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile

how to develop a responsive website with no jQuery, just html and a few php tag

I know what you are thinking

If you know anything about web development you will say

it cannot be done

As of today December 09, 2023 I have designed and maintain 52 websites that do.

You are now reading one of those websites that do and are


what is a hamburger menu

Hamburger menu is a menu icon found on websites created in a program such as WordPress to write them hiding the traditional file menu.

hamburger menu

is your current website responsive

how to check if a web page is responsive

If you do not have a mobile smart phone with you, you can test this web page or any web page on the internet to see if the page is responsive on a desktop or laptop.


Place your mouse or track pad cursor on the left or right side edge of your web browser you are using to read this web page.


Drag in to make your browser window smaller in width, let go of your mouse or track pad to see if everything re-positions itself and you can see the whole page.

Repeat again to make the width smaller.

If the page is responsive you will see all the contents line up under each other in one column and if its not responsive the page content will disappear off the left or right side of the screen.

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why are media queries and jQuery used to create most websites since about 2013

first we want to say
websites we develop

do not use
media queries or jQuery


We hand code all web pages, explained further down this page.

Back to the question why are media queries and jQuery used.


To extend the functionality of html.

media queries

To adjust a web page to fit and be viewable on different width screens.

this is why websites use
excessive amounts of

media queries and jQuery

this bloats and slows page loading

Since about 2013 the majority of websites are generated by computer program code eg. WordPress.

we have never used

WordPress or any other content management program (CMS).


Unlike countless numbers of WordPress websites I have looked at since 2013 use between 50 - 500 lines of media queries code bloating and slows the page loading.

all the websites we develop

From our first website in March 1991 until today Saturday December 09, 2023 we have not use media queries.

why do most web developers use them

2016 Google first announced its plans to only use Googles smartphone googlebot to index websites.

In other words Google wants all websites developed as mobile first and if a website does not change its website their pages will be penalised eg. if they had a high ranking their ranking will be dropped.

Google states
mobile first

one website viewable on all devices

This is why web developers use numerous lines of media query code on each page telling the web browser if viewing on a desktop use this code, if viewing on a mobile use this code.

All this extra code trying to make the web page look similar on all devices.

websites we develop

do not use
media queries or jQuery code

but they look the same on any size screen

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brief history about Perth Web Design

I, William Flynn started my first business in April 1982.

September 1990 when I owned a manufacturing and export business I read an article about the internet.

During the next few weeks I read more articles and thought this could be a cost effective method for my company to promote the products we are exporting to America and a few European countries.

From my research in 1995 there were only two companies in Perth, Western Australia both set up in late 1993 to develop websites.

I contacted both, one wanted $10,000 and the other $8,500 to walk into their office to discuss my requirements.

I am not joking

$10,000 and $8,500 to basically talk to them

I thought how hard can it be to develop a website

I have been using a computer for my company accounts and word processing since 1983.

But there was no night school to teach web development.

So I went into Perth to look round the four large book shops to see if there were any books on web development, you know the type teach yourself something in 24 hours.

The first three book shops did not have any books, the forth one said they have a few, I looked through them and bought one.

I started to read this 498 page book on HTML and css coding on the train going home, after some trial and error I built my first website,

In August 2001 I started a new internet based business named Private House Sale.

skip forward to today, December 09, 2023 I am still

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why is it important to have a responsive web design

Responsive website is mobile and tablet friendly, it helps increase visibility on search engines, which in turn can mean more visitors to your website.

one website
viewable on every screen width

This is a great benefit for small, medium and large businesses.


Just imagine the cost savings when you only have one website to manage allowing anyone to view it no matter the device they are viewing it on.

so the question is

should you have a responsive website

the simple answer is


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what are the problems with computer generated coded websites such as WordPress

If you want to use a program to produce bloated computer generated code to develop a website there are programs available but we will not use them for many reasons.

some of the reasons include

websites we develop

look exactly the same

no matter if you view them on a
desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile

we do not use

A hamburger menu.

we use a traditional menu

we do not hide
the menu when viewing on a tablet or mobile phone

detailed problems with computer generated coded websites

for the above and other reasons

we do not use
programs such as WordPress that generated bloated computer code

we write our code

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what is the best method to create and maintain a responsive website

That depends who you talk to.

If the web developer has been developing websites like myself since March 1991 then the answer is write the code as you have full control over the whole web site contents.

But if someone started their web development career after 2003 (when WordPress became available) then no doubt they would say WordPress or one of the other content management systems.

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benefits of hand writing code for a website

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no matter where you live in Australia we can assist you with a new or updating your current website

Please contact us to discuss

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do you own any type of towable vehicle

One of the websites we designed and maintain manufactures the

worlds highest security rated
Australian made Wheel Clamp

if you own

We suggest you visit their website.

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